Our Vision:
We seek to evangelize, educate and inspire the people of Guam and Micronesia, leading them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible Truths, emphasizing His imminent return.

Our Mission:
We strive to proclaim the love of God, encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, share our hope of salvation and promote the three angels' message to all the people throughout Guam and Micronesia.


Back in 1985 Allen Steele, then director of Adventist World Radio Asia began to investigate the possibility of building an FM station for the people of Guam. He met with Pastor Eli Jimeno. Pastor Jimeno had for some time hoped to build an FM station. Together they began work to develop plans and raise funds. Over the next few years many people caught the same vision. Funds began to flow in from generous individuals and businesses here on Guam and from the US mainland. On Monday, June 3, 1991 the dream was realized as JOY 92 officially began its broadcast from the studios of AWR-Asia in Agat to the people of Guam and Rota.

In 1992 Adventist World Radio made the decision to focus on reaching the masses and no longer be involved in local broadcast AM and FM stations. The license was eventually transferred to a Guam non-profit organization called Good News Broadcasting Corporation, a 501-c3 non-profit organization.

The station has also had several transitions in format over the years. The station began operation with and easy listening secular format, then switched to classical, and finally to an all-Christian format in 1995. A format we are certain, God has called us to.

For many years the station operated on full automation and the only live programming was an audio feed for international news and a health program entitled Total Health. In 2000, we began live morning and afternoon drive time programs. Since then many other live programs have come and gone but the drive time programs remain. In 2012, we began streaming online through our website; and now, we have an app for mobile devices.

Over the years JOY FM has been an important influence in many giving their hearts to Christ and is a daily encouragement to thousands more. Praise God that we are part of a fortunate few around this planet that have Christian Radio 24 hours a day. As Isaiah states “Let us give glory unto God and declare His praise in the islands”! Let’s continue to use JOY FM as a tool to reach as many lives as possible before Christ returns.

Board of Directors:
President- Andrew Porter
Secretary- Kriss Seerengan
Treasurer- Victor Shephard

Brook Powers
Cerilo Reyes
Ariel Morao
Nellie Joy Roberts
Amy Krum
Sandra McKeever
Christian Manibusan

General Manger- Matthew Dodd
Trafficking Director- Brandon Armstrong
Office Assistant- Frank Ulechong
Joy in the Journey Host- Nellie Joy Roberts

Pastor Luis Mafnas- Host of Straight from the Bible
Jessica Mafnas- Co-host of Straight from the Bible
Joseph Cruz- Program Screener
and many more generous individuals…….

Call Sign:
KSDA in Guam at 91.9 FM
KORU in the CNMI at 89.9 FM

This station is just wonderful! The music is very positive and has a really good variety. The inspirational radio programs like pathways of the pioneers, your story hour, Adventures in Odyssey, Down Gilead Lane, Jonathan Park, and more don't only serve as great forms of entertainment but as a source of education, discovery, and a message of hope letting you know that you're not alone in the world around you. I would definitely recommend this station to anyone who seeks to understand the truth about God and life. Keep the inspiration flowing!
“You guys are awesome. You add so much "joy" to my life.”
“The music on JOY FM is just wonderful. We're just so blessed.”
“We love JOY FM. You guys are doing a great job! Keep it up.”
“Joy FM is my favorite. I love it! It makes my life good! I never felt this way before, it makes me feel better.”
“You don’t know me but I know you. I love listening to JOY FM.”
“Thanks and praise God for JOY FM and the amazing help it has been for me listening this last year. I hope that others are being blessed the same way and that more radio stations can be like ours.”
“I listen to you every morning. I love this station. I like the program with Doug Bachelor too.”
“This station teaches how to pray and how to honor God’s laws. It’s such a blessing.”
“I love it! Keep up the good work!”
JOYFM is great .Praise the Lord for the station
“There are so many searching and there are a lot of guy’s listening to Joy FM at the prison. Thank you for your ministry that’s sharing the word on the inside!”
“This is the best radio station! I listen All day while I work on the farm.”
“I like the devotions and more wisdom and knowledge about God’s Word!”
“Your efforts in the radio ministry in Guam have helped me to turn to Christ. Thank you for making a difference. “
“I love what you do!”
“Keep doing what your doing!”
“Hearing God’s message and inspirational songs is encouraging.”
“While listening to Joy FM I asked the Lord to come in to my life. Thank you fro being there at the time I needed you.”
“I know there are many other people that are listening hearing Gods word about the Bible. Keep doing the work you are doing!”
"I have been blessed with Joy FM all these years.”
“I can turn it on and not have to worry about the content. I know it will be good to listen to. Thank you for having it.”
“Thank you, Joy FM for being there all the time. Thank you for airing programs like It is Written, Adventures in Odyssey and Your Story Hour. They have helped me in my most trying and uncertain times and they still do. Keep staying as the lighthouse of the Marianas. God bless!”
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